ADVANTURE CO - who are you?

megawats - Megan and Watson, a newly wed couple from Long Island, New York.


MegaWatsIt is much more than a name to us. MegaWats signifies energy, light, the heart beat that keeps us going. We give and receive energy from the road. The new sights, communities and outdoor experiences give us the momentum to move forward. 

advanture co - what are some of the ADVENTURES you've been on?

megawats - backpacking the Beartooths, flying into Wrangall-St Elias, driving to Alaska through British Columbia, seeing the bears and buffalo, camping on the beach on the Cook Inlet, getting hit by a landslide driving down big sur coast in the early hours of the morning. surprising some backwoods family in the deep woods of Shope, ID. Picking up hitchhikers and hearing their story and sometimes smelling it too, hippies in Bolinas, vagabonds in Cortez, tree planters in Banff. (to name a few)

advanture co - what does van life mean to you?

mega watsWe love the outdoors. We thrive outside. Vanlife means living with less, but having more. It means being ok with showering once a week(maybe), wearing clothes that have already been in the hamper. Having amazing sunrises and sunsets with huge backyard, mother earth! Vanlife forced us to lower our standard of living. Sounds kinda crazy right, voluntarily lowering your standard of living? Well, we are a lucky bunch. But often a high standard of living comes with a lot of baggage. Our baggage was adding up to too much, we needed a reset. We decided to go back to our roots, what made us happy being kids. Spending time in the woods or on the beach, learning and being all the while spending less money and having a richer experience. Even if that experience comes with someone surprising you in the bush while taking a #2 and stepping in your hole.

advanture co - how has living out of a van impacted your lives?

megawats - van life has simplified our lives. we cleared our house out in NY and sold much of it in a yard sale then put it up for rent and hit the road. we have become more resource aware and confined the amount of stuff we can own. living in a small space, megan and i opened up to each other a lot faster. we each get a small box for clothes and share a 24 inch wide closet. and we still don't wear all we have! van life has created a confidence within us. we are living in the present, there is no running away from feelings and creating a false reality. we have to confront any issue up front, whether those are dirty dishes, and overstuffed laundry bag or an issue between megan and i.  we can't run from issues, and must solve things now. it is freeing to not CONSTANTLY push things under the rug. crossing the country and being exposed to its diversity has fostered empathy and respect for others dignity. van life has allowed us to roll with the punches, go with the flow, and embrace change. we feel we have become better people. VAN LIFE accelerates change and understanding.

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