About Us

Three buds whose friendship goes back to childhood.  We've walked through life together starting before preschool, continuing through adulthood, and now owning and operating a passion forward company.

Scott Nelson-Founder & CEo

Scott is a visionary. He is determined to accomplish what he sets his mind to & is not easily swayed by what some may deem difficult circumstances. In fact, he welcomes challenges and tackles them with his creativity and outside of the box thinking. With both a B.A. in Liberal Arts and an MBA from Walden University, Scott's experience has propelled Advanture Co. into the company it is today.  


shane titus -  co founder & craftsman 

The-man-with-the-beard, AKA the expert builder, is the one responsible for bringing your van vision to life.  With more than half of his life spent working in construction, Shane is no stranger to all-things-building and repair.  With an acute attention to detail coupled with a humble spirit, Shane works some kind of magic when it comes to taking a shell of a van and making it a home. As long as Johnny Cash is playing in the background, skies the limit.

brandon nelson - co founder & media director

Brandon brings our van creations to life by mastering our content creation. As founder of Raw California, Brandon  understands what it takes to produce captivating and creative content that tells a story in unique and compelling ways.  His most recent work has led him to traveling the world with GoPro; leading the RedBull Rampage campaign in Utah  to the athlete syndicate in Australia.  Advanture Co. has found a competitive edge due to Brandon's passion and ongoing dedication to tell powerful stories through media.